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Ref Metadata Provider Plugin Module


Ref metadata provider modules are used to associate metadata to refs (branches or tags) within a repository in Bitbucket Data Center. This metadata can be accessed via REST when retrieving a list of branches and then can then (optionally) be used to display additional columns within the branch listing table.

Please see the how-to guide to see the ref metadata provider in action.




description The description of the plugin module. The 'key' attribute can be specified to declare a localisation key for the value instead of text in the element body. N/A

Simple Example

Here is an example atlassian-plugin.xml file containing just a ref metadata provider.

<atlassian-plugin name="My Ref Metadata Provider Example" key="example.plugin.myprovider" plugins-version="2">
        <description>A basic ref metadata provider plugin</description>
        <vendor name="My Company" url=""/>

    <ref-metadata-provider key="example-metadata" name="Branch color provider" class="com.mycompany.example.plugin.myprovider.MyRefMetadataProvider" />


More Examples

You can find a more concrete example in the how-to guide.

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