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Confluence XML-RPC and SOAP APIs

Confluence provides remote APIs in the form of XML-RPC and SOAP interfaces. XML-RPC and SOAP have bindings for almost every language, making them very portable. This document refers to the XML-RPC specification. See SOAP details below

When choosing between SOAP and XML-RPC you should consider the language for your client and how quickly you need to develop it. SOAP is generally more useful from a strongly typed language (like Java or C#) but these require more setup. XML-RPC is easier to use from a scripting language (like Perl, Python, or AppleScript) and is often quicker to use.

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Creating an XML-RPC Client

Note the following points:

Creating a SOAP Client

The SOAP API follows the same methods as below, except with typed objects (as SOAP allows for).  To find out more about the SOAP API, simply point your SOAP 'stub generator' at your instance's WSDL file, located at http://<confluence-install>/rpc/soap-axis/confluenceservice-v2?wsdl

Remote API version 1 and version 2

Confluence 4.0 introduced changes to the way page content is stored in Confluence. Page content is no longer stored as wiki markup, but is now stored in an XHTML based storage format. Confluence 4.0 also introduced a new version 2 remote API. The new version 2 API implements the same methods as the version 1 API, however all content is stored and retrieved using the storage format. This means that you cannot, for example, create a page using wiki markup with the version 2 API, you must instead define the page using the storage format. Atlassian recommends that you migrate towards this new API.

The version 1 remote API will continue to work with Confluence 4.0. You will be able to create pages, blogs and comments in wiki markup using the version 1 API. However you will no longer be able to retrive pages, blogs and comments using the version 1 API.

Specifically the following methods no longer work with the version 1 API:

  • getBlogEntryByDayAndTitle(String token, String spaceKey, int dayOfMonth, String postTitle)
  • getBlogEntryByDateAndTitle(String token, String spaceKey, int year, int month, int dayOfMonth, String postTitle)
  • getBlogEntry(String token, long entryId)
  • getPage(String token, String spaceKey, String pageTitle)
  • getPage(String token, long pageId)
  • getComments(String token, long pageId)
  • getComment(String token, long commentId)

You can use both APIs in a client, creating content in wiki markup using the version 1 API and retrieving it in the storage format using the version 2 API. This may be a useful stepping stone for clients to move towards the version 2 API. You should note that there is no longer any way to retrive content from Confluence as wiki markup.

To aid the migration from the version 1 API to the version 2 API a new method convertWikiToStorageFormat(String token, String markup) has been added to both versions of the API.


The following changes apply to the Remote Confluence Methods and Remote Confluence Data Objects:

Confluence 5.5.x

All SOAP and XML-RPC APIs have been deprecated. These will be replaced by the official REST API.

Confluence 5.0.3

  • Added the two removePageVersion methods.

Confluence 4.3

  • Added removePageWatch, removeSpacewatch and removePageWatchForUser methods.
  • Added getSpaceStatus and setSpaceStatus for space archiving.

Confluence 4.0

  • Added version 2 of the remote API.
  • Calls to methods that return page content using the version 1 API will now result in an error. Please use the version 2 API instead.
  • Added method for converting wiki markup to storage format: convertWikiToStorageFormat(String token, String markup)

Confluence 3.5

  • Added notification methods: watchPage, watchSpace, watchPageForUser, getWatchersForPage, getWatchersForSpace
  • Added blog post retrieval method: getBlogEntryByDateAndTitle
  • Added space management methods: getTrashContents, purgeFromTrash, emptyTrash.
  • Added data objects: ContentSummaries, ContentSummary.

Confluence 2.10

  • Added updatePage.

Confluence 2.9

  • Search: Removed option 'all' in table of content types and changed the default to 'All'. If you need to search for all types, simply omit the 'type' restriction.
  • Search: Added option 'contributor' to the table of filter options.

Confluence 2.3

  • Added getClusterInformation and getClusterNodeStatuses.

Confluence 2.2

  • Added addPersonalSpace, convertToPersonalSpace and addProfilePicture.

Confluence 2.1.4

  • Added getPermissionsForUser.

Confluence 2.0

  • Updated getLocks() to getPagePermissions()
  • Added addAttachment, getAttachment, getAttachmentData, removeAttachment and moveAttachment methods to allow remote attachment handling. Note that adding large attachments with this API uses a lot of memory during the addAttachment operation.
  • Added addAnonymousPermissionToSpace, addAnonymousPermissionsToSpace and removeAnonymousPermissionFromSpace.
  • Added the addComment and removeComment methods for comment manipulation.
  • Added hasGroup and hasUser methods to determine if a group or user exists.
  • Added editUser method.
  • Added ability to deactivate and reactivate users.
  • Added getActiveUsers method to retrieve a user list.
  • Added ability to change the user password.
  • Added ability to retrieve and modify user information.
  • Added ability to retrieve, add and remove labels.
  • Added getBlogEntryByDayAndTitle

Confluence 1.4

  • Added new exportSpace and exportSite methods to build exports of an individual space or an entire Confluence instance and return with a URL leading to the download.
  • Added new getChildren and getDescendents methods to get the direct children and all descendents of a given page.
  • Added new getAncestors method to get the ancestors of a given page.
  • Removed the old getLocks as locks are superceded by page level permissions.
  • Added new getPagePermissions method to retrieve page level permissions.
  • Added new removeUser, removeGroup, removeAllPermissionsForGroup, addUserToGroup and removeUserFromGroup methods.
  • Added new addPermissionToSpace method.
  • Added new Permission data object.
  • Added new getSpaceLevelPermissions method.

Confluence 1.3

  • Added new getPage method which retrieves a page by space key and page title.
  • Added new removeSpace method to remove an entire space.
  • Added ability to limit search by parameters.
  • Allow anonymous access.

Confluence 1.2

  • renderContent takes an optional hashtable for rendering hints, the only one supported right now is "style=clean"

Confluence 1.1

  • getLocks gives you back a list of any locks that apply to a given page
  • added a locks field to the various Page structs containing a count of any applicable page-level locks
  • CRUD methods added for blog-posts

Confluence 1.0.3

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