Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Enabling developer mode

Confluence's Developer Mode is a system property setting that tells Confluence to enable various debugging features that are not otherwise exposed to users. To enable Developer Mode, you should start Confluence with the following system property set. See AMPS build options for instructions.


If you are writing a Confluence extension and want to check if Developer Mode is active, you can call ConfluenceSystemProperties#isDevMode().

Developer Mode Features

Currently, enabling Developer Mode will activate the following features:

Prior to Confluence 2.0

  • Developer Mode not available in these releases

Confluence 2.0

  • The System Information page and 500 error page will contain an entry noting that Developer Mode is enabled
  • The "view as HTML" button will be made available in the WYSIWYG rich-text editor

Confluence 3.3

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