Last updatedOct 2, 2019

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Packages available to OSGi plugins

Below are the Java packages exposed by Confluence. All of them, along with their sub-packages, are available to OSGi plugins running in the Atlassian Plugin Framework.

  • com.atlassian*
  • com.sun*
  • com.thoughtworks.xstream*
  • bucket*
  • net.sf.cglib*
  • net.sf.hibernate*
  • com.opensymphony.*
  • org.apache*
  • org.xml.*
  • javax.*
  • org.w3c.*
  • org.dom4j*
  • org.quartz*
  • org.bouncycastle*

Inside the application, this list is configured as a parameter to the packageScanningConfiguration component in the pluginServiceContext.xml file. The XML file is in the services folder within the confluence/WEB-INF/lib/confluence-x.x.x.jar.

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