Last updated Jan 4, 2022

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Remote API Specification for PDF export

Confluence has a new REST API that is progressively replacing our existing APIs. We recommend plugin developers use the new REST APIs where possible.


Confluence 3.0 and later

In Confluence 3.0, we moved the PDF export engine to a Confluence plugin. Therefore, you can no longer use Confluence's built-in remote API to export a space as a PDF. There is a new replacement API that is part of the new PDF export Confluence plugin.

XML-RPC Information

  • The URL for XML-RPC requests is http://<<confluence-install>>/rpc/xmlrpc.
  • All XML-RPC methods must be prefixed by pdfexport.

SOAP Information

To find out more about the SOAP API, simply point your SOAP 'stub generator' at the WSDL file, located at http://<confluence-install>/rpc/soap-axis/pdfexport?wsdl.

For reference, the pdfexport WSDL file is here.


  • String login(String username, String password) - log in a user. Returns a String authentication token to be passed as authentication to all other remote calls. It's not bulletproof auth, but it will do for now. Must be called before any other method in a 'remote conversation'. From 1.3 onwards, you can supply an empty string as the token to be treated as being the anonymous user.
  • public String exportSpace(String token, String spaceKey) - exports the entire space as a PDF. Returns a url to download the exported PDF. Depending on how you have Confluence set up, this URL may require you to authenticate with Confluence. Note that this will be normal Confluence authentication, not the token based authentication that the web service uses.

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