Last updated Jul 8, 2024

Rendering Velocity templates in a macro

When writing a macro, you may want to render a Velocity file with data provided by your plugin.

The easiest way to render Velocity templates from within a macro is to use VelocityUtils.getRenderedTemplate, and return the result as the macro output. For example:

public String execute(Map<String, String> map, String s, ConversionContext conversionContext) throws MacroExecutionException {
    // do something with params ...

    Map context = MacroUtils.defaultVelocityContext();
    context.put("page", page);
    context.put("labels", labels);
    return VelocityUtils.getRenderedTemplate("com/atlassian/confluence/example/sample-velocity.vm", context);


To keep Confluence secure, we strongly recommend you use Confluence's built in Velocity renderer, rather than your own renderer. This means you should not initialise your own VelocityEngine.

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