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Translating ConfluenceActionSupport content

Guide for translating the values for each property in a ConfluenceActionSupport_<KEY>.properties file, where <KEY> is the international language identifier:

These links can be translated directly. Using German in this example

submit.query.name=Submit Query

can be translated directly into

submit.query.name=Anfrage senden

Some strings use variables or hyperlinks to provide contextual information. Variables are shown as {NUMBER} while hyperlinks are shown as <a href="{NUMBER}">LINK ALIAS</a>. Translations must take into account the positioning of variables, and check that links occur over the relevant phrase. Using German again as an example

search.include.matches.in.other.spaces=There are <b>{0} matches</b> in <b>other spaces</b>. <a href="{1}">Include these matches</a>.

This tag uses a variable to show the number of matches, and a link the user can click to include those matches. The German version must place the 'matches' variable in the adjusted location, and reapply the hyperlink to the relevant phrase.

search.include.matches.in.other.spaces=Es wurden <b>{0} Resultate</b> in <b>anderen Spaces</b> gefunden. <a href="{1}">Diese Resultate einschliessen</a>.

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