Last updated Dec 8, 2017

Developer tools

Here are several very useful HipChat Connect developer tools built and shared by various Atlassian developers:

HipChat Connect extension for Visual Studio Code

Auto-complete and schema validation for your HipChat Connect add-on descriptor. Add new extensions to the HipChat Connect add-on descriptor effortlessly by using snippets for webhooks, actions, glances and any other module type. Need the JSON for an Activity card in your JS code? Use one of the card snippets included in this extension.


You can install this extension from here.

HipConnect Tester Add-on

The HipConnect Tester is an add-on showcasing HipChat Connect's capabilities; It's the HipChat Connect kitchensink app. It allows you to play with API functionality, see how Cards, Glances, etc., look and grab the code as a starting point for your own project. You can install this add-on from here.

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