Last updated Dec 8, 2017

Listing an app

Now that you have built your integration and tested it, you can make it available to all HipChat users.

For this, you need to register it with the Atlassian Marketplace.


Create a new listing in Marketplace

You can get to this page by going to the 'Manage Listings' page in the header, and clicking 'Create Add-on'.

 Fill in the details of the form. Here's the important details you need to select:

  • Discoverability - "Default - discoverable in UPM and the Marketplace site" needs to be selected
  • Upload your add-on - choose "Provide a URL to your artifact"
  • Add-on URL - this should be the url to your integration descriptor
  • Payment model - HipChat only supports free integrations at the moment.

Fill in the summary and description

Fill in the details on the second page.


Upload screenshots of what the integration does

HipChat doesn't pull these screenshots in right now, but it will in the near future. Marketplace requires you to upload a logo, 3 images (in 2 different formats) and their tag lines.

Fill in version information

Here's the details you need to fill in:

  • Version number - this is your initial release, so 1.0.0 is probably a good version for it. Feel free to specify whatever you like.
  • Build number - can be whatever you like.
  • Compatible application should be filled already
  • License - this is required and is again your choice.
  • Add-on version officially supported - if this is officially supported, choose yes. We highly recommend that you support any integrations you build.

Accept terms and submit!

After you submit, a JIRA issue will be created in the Marketplace approvals project. The Marketplace team reviews these submissions regularly, and if everything works well, they'll approve the listing.

 Once the listing is approved, it generally takes about 30-60 minutes for your integration to show up on

 Email us at

, we'd love to know what you've built!

Here's what it should look like after you've submitted!

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