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One cool power-user feature of Trello, is that it will create cards for you automatically when you drag and drop or ctrl-c / ctrl-v URLs onto the Add a card... area at the bottom of a list. Your Power-Up can hook into this in order to help make more useful cards from URLs that your Power-Up knows about.

Example Code

  'card-from-url': function (t, options) {
    // options.url has the url in question
    // if we know cool things about that url we can give Trello a name and desc
    // to use when creating a card. Trello will also automatically add that url
    // as an attachment to the created card
    // As always you can return a Promise that resolves to the card details

    return new Promise(function (resolve) {
        name: '💻 ' + options.url + ' 🤔',
        desc: 'This Power-Up knows cool things about the attached url'

    // if we don't actually have any valuable information about the url
    // we can let Trello know like so:
    // throw t.NotHandled();

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