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If you want your users to know how to use your Power-Up, you should use the on-enable capability. This capability gets triggered when a user enables your Power-Up. You may want to use this capability to show your user how to use your Power-Up by opening a modal (using t.modal().

Another example of when to use this capability is when you want to initiate a configuration or authentication flow immediately after the user enables your Power-Up.

Not Guaranteed

Your Power-Up is not guaranteed to have this capability called when it is enabled. This can happen for a few reasons:

Example Code

  'on-enable': function(t, options) {
    // This code will get triggered when a user enables your Power-Up
    return t.modal({
      url: './power-up-onboarding.html',
      height: 500,
      title: 'My Power-Up Overview'

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