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Use the on-disable capability to run some code, perhaps to update your records or clean up, when a user disables your Power-Up on a board via the UI.

Trello will call this capability if you have it enabled and implemented when the user clicks Disable from the gear menu for your Power-Up.

Your Power-Up will have 500ms to make additional requests of Trello once this capability is called before it is fully disabled, and Trello will stop responding to requests from your Power-Up.

Not Guaranteed

Your Power-Up is not guaranteed to have this capability called when it is disabled. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Power-Up is disabled via the API, instead of via the UI

  • User downgrades, causing them to be over their Power-Up limit, and some Power-Ups will eventually be automatically disabled

  • Your Power-Up failed to load during the session the user disabled it

Example Code

  'on-disable': function(t){
    // load the data from Trello quickly first in case we need
    // to use any of it to cleanup on our side
    return t.getAll()
    .then(function(data) {
      // here we might want to properly revoke a token
      // or call into our own service to remove some records

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