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Trello allows users of your Power-Up to clear any private data that your Power-Up has stored for them via calls to t.set(). To do this, the user clicks the gear icon on your Power-Up, and then selects Remove Personal Settings. This clears all private data stored on board, organization, and member scopes.

This option is provided automatically by Trello only when the viewing member has private scoped plugin data stored for that Power-Up on board, organization, or member scopes. The remove-data capability allows you to also perform an action when the user clicks this button.

You might want to use this moment as an opportunity to clean up additional personal information your Power-Up has stored about this member on your own servers. For instance, revoking a personal token.

Trello will call the remove-data capability when the user confirms they want to remove their personal settings for your Power-Up. You will be given ~500ms to take an action using the private data for the member before Trello removes it.

Example Code

  'remove-data': function(t){
    // load the data from Trello quickly first in case we need
    // to use any of it to cleanup on our side
    return t.getAll()
    .then(function(data) {
      // here we might want to properly revoke a token
      // or call into our own service to remove some records

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