Getting help

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We've organized our documentation by products to make it easier to find. Here you'll find access to our getting started guides, tutorials, and API reference.

Atlassian Design (AUI) Guidelines, Documentation, Sandbox
Atlassian Connect Developer documentation
Bitbucket Server
Bitbucket Server Developer guide
Bitbucket REST API
FishEye/Crucible Plugin guide, REST API, Javadoc
Atlassian REST Developer guide, Javadoc
Atlassian Plugins 2 Developer guide, Javadoc
UPM (Universal Plugin Manager) Documentation, Javadoc
Application Links Developer guide, Javadoc
Active Objects Developer guide, Javadoc
Activity Streams Developer guide, Javadoc
Shared Access Layer Developer guide, Javadoc

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As an ecosystem developer, you'll encounter many different products, libraries, and services; all maintained by hundreds of engineers. Raise a feature request or track bugs in the projects below.