Last updatedDec 16, 2019

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Your First Power-Up

We want your building process to be as painless as possible, so we've provided lots of starting points:

  • We've put together a number of example projects to start you off. You can check them out at
  • If you're a fan of drinking from the firehose and want a project that includes everything under the sun 🌄, check out the Trello Power-Up Project. It includes an example of almost everything you can do with a Power-Up and the code is highly documented.
  • If you'd rather take a look at a production-level Power-Up, the Card Snooze Power-Up may be a better fit. It is an example implementation of the Trello Card Snooze Power-Up.
  • Want the absolute bare minimum to get started? We've got you covered! The Power-Up Skeleton project has the absolute minimum required to register a custom Power-Up for a Workspace. Each project's README contains information on getting started with the project. After remixing any of the projects, you should be able to register them as new custom Power-Ups.
  • Want a written step-by-step guide on building a Power-Up? We've put together a series of tutorials on our blog to help you get started. First post is here.
  • What about React and TypeScript? Check out App Fox's Trello Power-Up sample here.

Video Tutorial

Prefer a video tutorial? Follow along as we develop a simple Power-Up to show weather data on cards:

Part 1

Part 2


Getting stuck somewhere? Head on over to Power-Up Topics for common problems and a few helpful tips. If you'd rather talk to a human, ask a question in the Trello developer community.

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