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Last updatedDec 16, 2019

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Submit Your Integration

This page contains information about submitting an integration to Trello to be listed at: If you'd like to submit a Power-Up for review, you'll want to check out Submitting Your Power-Up.

Submission Process

  1. Fill Out Submission Form
  2. We Review Your Submission
  3. Integration Added To Trello's Integrations

Submission Form

To submit your app, please complete this form:


After you've submitted your integration for review, the review team will notify you that they've received the submission and are reviewing the integration. We will thoroughly test the integration and ensure that it matches with the documentation you submit. Once we've confirmed that the integration works as expected and have finished testing it, we will add a listing for it to Trello's integrations page.

Our review process usually takes only a few days. Once you submit your app, our review team should reach out within 48 hours to begin a conversation.


Send us your questions at and we'll answer them.

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