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Submit Your Power-Up

Ready to share your Power-Up with the world? We're here to walk you through the process and ensure that everything goes as expected. Below you'll find the steps you need to follow to make your Power-Up publicly available.


  1. Build a Great Power-Up
  2. Come Say Hello!
  3. Submit Power-Up
  4. Power-Up Review Process
  5. Prepare For Power-Up Launch
  6. Launch and Celebrate!

Building A Great Power-Up

Our bar for Power-Ups is that they should provide a user experience at the level of Trello itself. They should not do too much, nor too little. They should be free of bugs and awkward user experiences.

Before you submit your Power-Up please make sure you've done the following to make review as smooth as possible.

You will need to register your Power-Up and sign a Joint Developer's Agreement via before we can review the Power-Up.

Come Say Hello!

We're excited to hear what you are building. If you have questions, want feedback, or want to meet some other Trello developers, make a post in the Trello developer community!

Submitting Your Power-Up

Before you submit your Power-Up, you'll need a few things:

To submit your Power-Up, please complete the form at

We ask a lot of questions about your Power-Up so that we have a better sense of how we should test it. We want to make sure that we provide our users with the most delightful Power-Ups!

Power-Up Review Process

After you've submitted your Power-Up for review, the review team will notify you that they've received the submission and are reviewing the Power-Up.

To review the Power-Up, we will add it to our Workspace and enable it on a board. From there, we'll walk through our guidelines and make sure the Power-Up checks all the boxes. We will also ensure that the Power-Up's functionality matches any documentation you submitted.

As we're reviewing the Power-Up, we'll compile a list of feedback for you. Once we're done testing, we'll share all of the feedback in an email to you. Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear in our feedback. Unless we instruct otherwise, after you've addressed everything, let us know via email and we'll re-review your changes

The review process usually takes two or more weeks depending on the amount of feedback provided and the speed at which you make changes based on the feedback.

While the Power-Up is under review, go ahead and start preparing it for launch by checking out the materials we'll need from you to launch the Power-Up below!

Prepare for Launch

Prior to launching, you should take the time to read through our Power-Up Launch Playbook! We've compiled ideas and lessons learned from the best Power-Up launches and put them together to share with you.

Before we're ready to launch the Power-Up we'll need a few final things from you:

  1. Your preferred launch date(s): Does it matter to you when the Power-Up is launched? Be prepared to let us know what the options are so we can coordinate any efforts on our end.
  2. Check out the Power-Up Launch Playbook: We've put together this collection of best practices, ideas, and resources to make your launch go as smoothly as possible!
  3. Are you planning any marketing?: We encourage you to consider telling your users about the new Power-Up via newsletter, blog, social, and/or press release. If you choose to do this, we'll ask you to share links to those pieces of content so they can be reviewed and approved by our team. This typically takes 5-10 business days.
  4. Complete Power-Up Admin Fields: In the Power-Up admin portal for your Power-Up, make sure that you have all of the fields filled out. We only require the set of "Required Fields" for creating a Power-Up. However, public Power-Ups are required to have all fields completed, including Support Email and Privacy Policy.
  5. Ensure GDPR Compliance: If you haven't yet, review Trello's practices and policies regarding storing personal data and GDPR. If your Power-Up stores personal data from Trello users, you may need to follow a few extra steps to ensure you are in compliance with our privacy policies.

Launch and Celebrate

Sit back and relax! You've done all of the hard work and now it is time for Trello users across the world to discover your Power-Up. We'll turn the Power-Up live at the time we've agreed upon and send you an email to let you know it is live. You'll be able to link to it in the Power-Up directory with the following route:{powerUpId}

The ID used here is the same one that you submitted on the form for review.


Looking to submit an integration instead of a Power-Up? Head on over to Submitting Your Integration

Have a question? Ask the Trello developer community!

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