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Power-Up Admin Portal

Power-Ups are managed via You can use this page to create new Power-Ups and make changes to existing ones.

Visiting the page, you should see a list of all of the Power-Ups that you are able to admin:

Don't see any Power-Ups listed?

You must be an admin of a team to manage custom Power-Ups for that team. If you need help creating a team in Trello, you can find more info here.

Each Power-Up is listed under the team to which it belongs. Once a Power-Up has been added to a team, it will be available to all of the boards that belong to that team.

If this is your first time visiting the Power-Up admin page for your team, you'll be prompted to fill out the Joint Development Agreement.

Adding a New Custom Power-Up

To add a new Power-Up to your team and make it available to be enabled on all of that team's board, start by clicking the "Create New Power-Up" in the top right of the Power-Up admin portal.

You'll be given an empty form to fill out. Don't be overwhelmed! There are a few fields, but we'll walk you through them.

The first section is below:

Below is information about each field and what it is used for.

Field NameDescription
NameThe name to display to user's when viewing the Power-Up in the directory.
TeamThe Trello team that owns the Power-Up. The Power-Up will be available on the boards of the team selected.
iframe Connector URLThe URL for the iframe connector that will be loaded when the Power-Up is enabled.

Once you click create, the Power-Up is alive and can be enable on any boards for the team you selected. 🎉🎉🎉

Basic Information

After creating the Power-Up, you'll be taken to the Basic Information form:

Below are details on each of the fields:

Field NameDescription
iframe Connector URLThe URL for the iframe connector that will be loaded when the Power-Up is enabled.
IconThis will be the icon displayed to users when viewing your Power-Up in the directory.
CategoriesThese categories will be used when searching and filtering Power-Ups in the directory.
EmailWe'll use this to email you with questions if you submit the Power-Up for review.
Support EmailWe'll use this email when questions arise from users regarding your Power-Up or if we need to contact you regarding changes to the Power-Up platform.
AuthorThe name to be displayed as the author in the directory.


Use the toggles below to specify which Power-Up capabilities you want to use in your Power-Up:

What are capabilities?

If you're not familiar with all of the capabilities and what they do, we recommend you head over to the Power-Up capabilities documentation.


The Listings section allows you to manage how your Power-Up will be displayed to end users in the Power-Up directory. Head over to the Listings page for more information on how to manage listings.

Privacy and Compliance

The Privacy and Compliance section contains a form with fields that are related to how your Power-Up manages personal data.

Only Required For Public Power-Ups

These fields are only required for public Power-Ups. Although private Power-Ups can update these fields, it is not required that you do so.

Field NameDescription
Privacy Policy URLIf you have a privacy policy you'd like to share with users of your Power-Up, you can include a link to it.
Does your Power-Up store any Trello user personal data?Head over to Personal Data Storage and GDPR for more information on storing personal data in Power-Ups.
API KeyThe API key to be associated with the Power-Up.


The Distribution section includes information regarding the Power-Up button. Head over to Power-Up Button for more information on how you can use the Power-Up button to distribute your Power-Up.

Deleting a Power-Up

To delete a Power-Up, select "Delete Power-Up" from the top-left navigation. You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the Power-Up.

Public Power-Ups

Updating Public Power-Ups is the same as updating a custom Power-Up. You can follow the instructions above to change information regarding your Power-Up.

Keep in mind that any changes you make to the Power-Up will be reflected immediately to all of Trello's users.

Deleting Public Power-Ups

You can't delete a Power-Up that has been made public via the dev portal. To delete a public Power-Up, please send an email to

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