Last updated Oct 27, 2022

Featured Power-Ups

The Featured section of the Power-Ups directory is a great way to get your Power-Up in front of thousands of Trello users.

To be a Featured Power-Up, your Power-Up must have passed the review process and be publicly available.

Additionally, your Power-Up must implement all security recommendations and practices.

If a valid security vulnerability is reported while your Power-Up is Featured, it will be removed from the current Featured group and will be added back into the queue.

The Featured Power-Ups are rotated periodically. Trello may email you before making your Power-Up Featured to confirm that you're OK with being Featured.

To have your Power-Up added to the Featured queue, please contact us at with an illustration attached.

Illustration Requirements and Guidelines

Featured Power-Ups need an illustration to show in the directory. Power-Ups must provide their own illustration.

For a better display of your illustration, we require 2 versions of your images in these dimensions: 304x240, and 608x480. PNG format.

Great Featured illustrations:

  • Use a color that pairs well with Trello's
  • Don't include hard-to-read text
  • Include delightful, Trello-y styling
  • Provide context as to what the Power-Up provides.

Submitted illustrations are subject to review by our design team. We may ask you for changes and updates to the illustration.

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