Last updatedMay 12, 2020

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Web triggers

Web triggers are incoming HTTP calls that invoke a Forge app. For example, an HTTP call from a third-party webhook implementation. You configure web triggers in the app's manifest and create the URL to call through the Forge CLI.

Web trigger URL

Use the following instructions to get a web trigger URL.

  1. In the terminal, navigate to the app directory and get the app's installation ID by running:
    forge install:list
  2. Copy the Installation ID for the site and product you want the web trigger URL for.
  3. Get the web trigger URL by running:
    forge webtrigger
    1. Enter the installation ID you copied in step 2.
    2. Select the web trigger that you want the URL for. The options come from the manifest.

The URL displayed is your web trigger URL. It should look like this:


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