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Remote API reference

A developer can use Crowd's remote API to connect your own web applications or user directories to Crowd.

Crowd comes with many pre-built application and directory connectors. If you have a web application or a user directory that does not work with one of the pre-built connectors, your development team can create a custom connector for you. This is a reasonably quick and easy job.

Skills Required to Write a Custom Connector for Crowd

  • Familiarity with HTTP/webserver technology.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of identity management, authentication and authorisation.
  • Programming skills to write an application connector (to integrate an application with Crowd):
    • Medium-level experience with the Java programming language,
    • Or you can use our REST API (recommended) or SOAP API with another language like C#, PHP or Ruby.
  • Programming skills to write a directory connector (to add support for a new directory type to Crowd) include medium-level experience with the Java programming language.

Getting Help

Remote API Reference

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