Last updated Apr 16, 2019

Getting started

There are two main ways to develop with Crowd -- using our remote API or developing a plugin. If you are integrating Crowd with another application, you will most likely want to use the API. If you wish to add capabilities to Crowd, a plugin may be the answer. To get started writing plugins, we recommend that you download the Plugin SDK and follow the instructions to set up a plugin development environment.

If neither the remote API nor the plugin framework fits your needs, you can customise the Crowd source code. Note that Atlassian does not support customised Crowd source.

Main topics

Get started by setting up your Atlassian plugin development environment.

Event Listeners In Crowd, events are thrown for almost all operations that occur to a user. Learn how to write a plugin that responds to event notifications from Crowd.

Menu Items Add a new item to a Crowd menu, linking your own functionality into the Crowd Administration Console.

Remote API Crowd exposes its data via REST services. Learn how to use the remote APIs to integrate Crowd with your other applications.

Atlassian development hubs

Plugin Modules



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