Creating a Crowd Client for your Custom Application

Crowd allows your applications to authenticate users against Crowd's user directories.

Crowd ships with ready-made connectors ('Crowd clients') for several popular applications. See Crowd's Supported Applications and Directories for the complete list. If you need to connect Crowd to one of these applications, please see Managing Applications. If you need to connect Crowd to an application that is not listed, you can achieve this by creating a Crowd client for your application, as described below.

Creating a Crowd Client

We recommend that you use the REST APIs for long-term compatibility.

If you have a Java application, you can use the Java client libraries shipped with Crowd, but please be aware that they may change between releases. You may need to re-compile your source and possibly change a package name.

For assistance please see:

Next Steps:

After creating your Crowd Client, please see Integrating Crowd with a Custom Application.

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