This page describes the shell script atlas-clean, part of the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Basic usage

atlas-clean [options] - Removes files from the project directory, that were generated during the build. (Runs mvn clean.) Passes all parameters straight through to Maven.


This shell script is a Maven wrapper script. All parameters are passed straight through to Maven.

Getting help

The shell script will display some help text if you enter one of the following as the first argument:

  • -?
  • -h
  • help
  • -help
  • --help

For example:

atlas-clean -?
atlas-clean -help


Let's assume that you want to use a specific version of your plugin's host application. You can specify the version of the host application to use as a parameter of your atlas-run command. If you have already used a different version of the same application, you will need to clear the previous version of the host application from your build output directory.

For example, let's assume that you want to use version 3.1 of your host application (e.g. Confluence):

  1. Run atlas-clean.
  2. Run atlas-run -v 3.1

Working with the SDK
Getting Started

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