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This page describes the shell script atlas-clover, part of the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Basic usage

atlas-clover [options] - Runs unit and integration tests, generating a code coverage report with Clover. Passes all parameters straight through to Maven. Report is available in target/site/clover/index.html.


This shell script is a Maven wrapper script. All parameters are passed straight through to Maven.

Getting help

The shell script will display some help text if you enter one of the following as the first argument:

  • -?
  • -h
  • help
  • -help
  • --help

For example:

atlas-clover -?
atlas-clover -help



Will run all your tests with Clover enabled and generate a source level, HTML code coverage report in target/site/clover/index.html.

A coverage summary will also be printed to stdout at the end of the build and will be pretty if you have MAVEN_COLOR=true:

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Getting started

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