This page describes the shell script atlas-mvn, part of the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

Do not use your local Maven.

When running Maven commands against your project, make sure that you use the version of Maven bundled with the Atlassian Plugin SDK. This is important if you have a local version of Maven installed, as well as the Atlassian Plugin SDK. The simplest way is to use the atlas-mvn wrapper command instead of mvn. Another way is to put the bundled Maven on your path.

Basic usage

atlas-mvn [options] - Allows you to execute any Maven command using the version of Maven bundled with your Atlassian Plugin SDK. (Runs mvn.) Passes all parameters straight through to Maven.


This shell script is a Maven wrapper script. All parameters are passed straight through to Maven.

Getting help

The shell script will display some help text if you enter one of the following as the first argument:

  • -?
  • -h
  • help
  • -help
  • --help

For example:

atlas-mvn -?
atlas-mvn -help


Run the following command to compile the Java JUnit test classes:

atlas-mvn test-compile 

Run the following command to get help on the Maven test-compile goal:

atlas-mvn test-compile --help

Working with the SDK

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