This page describes the shell script atlas-create-home-zip, part of the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

This command is only available in Atlassian Plugin SDK version 3.1 and later.

Basic usage

 atlas-create-home-zip - Creates a test-resources zip of the current application's home directory. This zip file can then be pointed to in the AMPS productDataPath property to auto-populate application data during startup.


Don't run the atlas-clean command during this process, until you get to the very end. Running atlas-clean before you have finished this configuration will delete the files that were created during this process!

Let's assume you want to prepopulate Jira with a few projects and issues for testing on every clean startup. First, run the application as you normally would using atlas-run. Next, use the Jira web interface to create your projects and issues. Stop Jira (CTRL+C). Finally, go to the root directory of your plugin and type:


This will create a file called in the plugins target folder. Copy this file to a known location (such as, src/test/resources). Finally add:


to the <configuration/> of the jira-maven-plugin or confluence-maven-plugin in your pom.xml. The completed configuration should look something like this:


        <!-- Add the productDataPath configuration here -->

Now every time you start Jira or Confluence using atlas-run or atlas-debug, the home directory will be prepopulated using the contents of the generated zip file.

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