Last updated Dec 8, 2017

Building a simple add-on using a Wizard

The simplest way to build a custom add-on for HipChat to send messages to a HipChat room, and respond to Slash commands (e.g. "/weather") is using the "build-your-own wizard" described in this page.

If you would like to build a more advanced add-on:

You can easily build your own ad-hoc HipChat add-on to send or receive messages from your own custom applications. Here's a quick 2 minute tutorial video:

Log into, and go to Rooms > Integrations > Find New then click on "Build Your Own".

Send a message to a HipChat room

Have you developed something that you would like to notify everyone once it completes executing? A build script, tests or deploying code? You can add a simple POST script that sends a JSON package to a HipChat URL and it will post a message in the HipChat room.

Configure your own slash command

By creating a REST endpoint in your application you can invoke a message to be sent back to HipChat. Perhaps checking on the status of your build script or perform a search and return the results in HipChat. Here's how it works:

  • You create a slash command
  • Your teammates type your command in chat which posts to your service URL
  • Your integration goes off and gets the relevant data
  • Your integration sends a message back in chat

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