Last updated Jun 21, 2024

Change notice - Get my permissions resource will require a permissions query parameter

In order to guarantee stability and performance of Jira Cloud, we are constantly reviewing Jira REST APIs to make sure their design enables and encourages good practices. Starting 1 February 2019, we will require that you provide the permissions query parameter in all requests to the Get my permissions resource.

Why are we doing this

Get my permissions checks permissions for a user. The list of permissions is extendable and can grow without limit. This can make requests slow, as the operation checks all permissions by default. In addition, this method is usually only used to examine a particular set of permissions, so checking all permissions is redundant.

New permissions query parameter

To solve this performance issue, we're introducing a new query parameter called permissions. This parameter is a comma-separated list of permission keys. Only permissions on this list will be returned in the response.

The parameter will become required and requests without it will start being rejected after 1 February 2019.

You will still be able to request all permissions by listing them in the permissions query parameter. You can get all permissions defined in a Jira instance using the Get all permissions endpoint.

Let's see the code

Deprecated call

The request below checks all permissions.


New call

The request below checks only permissions defined in the permissions query parameter.


Need help

If you need help about this change please ask in the Jira Cloud Development forum in the Developer Community.

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