Last updatedJan 9, 2020

Developing apps for Jira Cloud mobile

If you are developing an app for Jira Cloud mobile, be aware of the following guidelines.

General guidelines

  • Use the OAuth 2.0 (3LO) context path for API calls. Jira Cloud mobile uses OAuth 2.0 (3LO). OAuth 2.0 (3LO) uses a context path, capturing all HTTP requests via{cloudid}. This ensures that your app will access the correct Jira site on mobile. Don't force your requests/resources through the root of the URL (that is, by querying “/” directly).
  • Ensure your app, including any flags or dialogs, is responsive to the mobile form factor. The app's flags/dialogs must also fit on the screen without obstructing anything underneath.
  • Ensure that your app's flags/dialogs are dismissible.

Guidelines for glances

  • Avoid using external web links that don’t relate to specific use cases of your app (not including links to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). An example of a specific use case (and therefore a suitable external web link) is a link to a commit in a repo for a git integration app.
  • If you’d like to promote your app, include direct links to Apple App Store or Google Play Store within your glance.