Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Tutorials, example apps, and guides

You can use Forge and Connect to extend the capabilities of Jira Cloud.

Before you build with Connect, consider Forge

We recommend Forge for building Atlassian cloud apps. Forge lets you host apps on infrastructure that is provisioned, managed, monitored, and scaled automatically by Atlassian.

Get started with Forge

Forge tutorials and example apps

Forge is Atlassian's new development platform for building Jira and Confluence Cloud apps. It's designed to revolutionize how our cloud products are customized and extended. You can write an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, compute, and storage.

To learn what's possible with Forge, check out:

Forge guides

To learn about coding specific Jira tasks with Forge, see:

Connect tutorials

Jira activity

Connect guides

Connect troubleshooting guide

Build a Jira app using a framework

Integrate Jira issues with your application

Using the issue field module

Using the project page module

Jira issue linking model

How to future-proof your Issue Glance implementation

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