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To help you get started, the HipChat team maintains 2 client frameworks which support App extensions. These frameworks make it easy to build an add-on without having to worry about the plumbing:

Node.js: Atlassian Connect Express for HipChat

Python: Atlassian Connect Flask for HipChat

Language Python
Repository https://bitbucket.org/atlassianlabs/ac-flask-hipchat/src
Framework Flask
Dependencies Redis, Mongo

Third party libraries

Not using Node or Python and not sure how to get started? These are libraries provided by third-party HipChat hackers to make using API v2 as easy as a function call:


  • hipchat-go — Go client library for HipChat API v2




  • hipchat-room-message-APIv2 — This is a simple perl script that will use Hipchat's API v2 to message a room after passing in the room name, authentication token and a message.
  • WebService-HipChat — This perl module provides bindings for the HipChat API v2



  • Dach — Django Atlassian Connect for HipChat (Dach) is a Django application that simplify the development of an Atlassian HipCat addon.
  • HypChat — A Python package for HipChat's v2 JSON REST API. It's based on v2's navigability and self-declaration.
  • Hiplogging — With Hiplogging, you can keep using the standard python logging module, and have the important log messages in HipChat, where they might actually reach you.


  • hipchat-rb — HTTP API Wrapper (plus Capistrano and Chef hooks)


    • Hipchat-CS — An easy to use C# wrapper on the V2 Hipchat API
    • hipchat_v2 — VB.NET example for sending a 1-on-1 message



Have a library or plugin that's not listed here? Let us know!

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