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The showFlag bridge method enables custom UI apps to open flags in the product's flag group.

Function signature

function showFlag(flagOptions: FlagOptions): { close: () => Promise<boolean | void> };

interface FlagOptions {
  id: string;
  title?: string;
  description?: string;
  type?: 'info' | 'success' | 'warning' | 'error';
  appearance?: 'info' | 'success' | 'warning' | 'error';
  actions?: FlagAction[];
  isAutoDismiss?: boolean;

interface FlagAction {
  text: string;
  onClick: () => void;


  • flagOptions
    • id: A unique string identifier for the flag. This property is required.
    • title: The bold text shown at the top of the flag.
    • description: The secondary content shown below the flag's title.
    • type: The type of the flag. This will determine the flag's icon.
    • appearance: Makes the flag appearance bold if provided.
    • actions: The list of clickable actions to be shown at the bottom of the flag.
    • isAutoDismiss: Whether the flag is auto-dismissable or not. If set to true, the flag will automatically close after 8 seconds.


  • A flag object that contains a close function.


import { showFlag } from '@forge/bridge';

const flag = showFlag({
  id: 'success-flag',
  title: 'Hello World!',
  type: 'info',
  description: 'Here is a flag body description.',
  actions: [
      text: 'Flag action',
      onClick: () => {
        console.log('flag action clicked');
  isAutoDismiss: true,


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