Last updated Mar 3, 2024

This section describes a Forge preview feature. Preview features are deemed stable; however, they remain under active development and may be subject to shorter deprecation windows. Preview features are suitable for early adopters in production environments.

We release preview features so partners and developers can study, test, and integrate them prior to General Availability (GA). For more information, see Forge release phases: EAP, Preview, and GA.

API requests

Making API requests in UI Kit 2 is the same as in Custom UI, due to their similar frontend/backend architecture, as opposed to UI Kit where all requests are made from the lambda.

Whether a request is made from the client side or from the lambda, depends on the request type.

Product fetch requests

Product fetch requests can be made in the frontend through @forge/bridge, i.e. in your App.js file. See Custom UI requestJira and Custom UI requestConfluence for documentation.

Non-product fetch requests and the storage API

These requests will need to go through the lambda, and so you will need to set up a Resolver. See Custom UI resolver. In UI Kit, these would have been intertwined with the rest of your app UI, but that is not the case with UI Kit 2.

Getting product context

Retrieve product context via the getContext method on @forge/bridge. See Custom UI view.

import { view } from '@forge/bridge';
const context = await view.getContext();

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