Property NameTypeDescription
changeMetadataCompassChangeMetadataMetadata about who created the component and when.
dataManagerUpdateCompassComponentDataManagerMetadataInput | DataManagerInputThe external integration that manages data for this component.
descriptionStringThe description of the component.
eventSourcesArray<EventSource>The event sources associated to the component.
externalAliasesArray<CompassExternalAlias>A collection of aliases that represent the component in external systems.
fieldsRecord<String, Unknown>A collection of fields for storing data about the component. Where the key is the name in the field definition and the value is the CompassFieldValueInput.
idStringThe unique identifier (ID) of the component.
labelsArray<String>A collection of labels that provide additional contextual information about the component.
linksArray<Link>A collection of links to other entities on the internet.
metricSourcesArray<CompassMetricSource>The metric source associated to the component.
nameStringThe name of the component.
ownerIdStringThe unique identifier (ID) of the team that owns the component.
relationshipsArray<Relationship>A collection of relationships between the component and other entities in Compass.
typeCompassComponentTypeThe type of the component.
typeIdStringThe unique identifier for the type of the Component.

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