Last updatedOct 28, 2019

Major changes to Atlassian Connect APIs are coming to improve user privacy

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Atlassian will undertake a number of changes to our products and APIs in order to improve user privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to pursuing relevant certifications and data handling standards, we will be rolling out changes to Atlassian Cloud product APIs to consolidate how personal data about Atlassian product users is accessed by API consumers.

This page summarizes the relevant API changes that we expect to make in the future. Where possible, we provide a link to specific Jira issues that you can track to stay up to date about specific changes and when they will go into effect. We encourage you to watch these issues and check this page regularly in order to stay up to date about any API changes.

This announcement provides supplementary information to related Major changes to Jira Cloud REST APIs are coming to improve user privacy.

Removal of personally identifiable information fields from various APIs

A number of Atlassian Connect APIs accept or provide personally identifiable information (PII) such as user names, user keys and locale information. Such PII fields will be removed from Atlassian Connect APIs and replaced by an Atlassian Account ID field.

API changes

The following table summarizes the changes that will be made.

API AreaChangesTicket to follow for updates
Inbound authorization (app → Jira)The "sub" claim of the OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer token authorization grant currently requires a user key. Apps will instead need to provide the Atlassian Account ID.AC-2409
Outbound authentication (Jira → app)Atlassian Connect currently sets the JWT "sub" claim to the user key. This will change to the Atlassian Account ID.AC-2410
Outbound authentication (Jira → app)Atlassian Connect currently provides user details in the JWT "user" field of the custom "context" claim. The user details currently include "userKey", "userName" and "displayName". During the deprecation period, a new field will be added to the "user" field containing the Atlassian Account ID. At the end of the deprecation period, the "user" field will be removed completely since the Atlassian Account ID will be available from the "sub" claim.AC-2411
App IframesAtlassian Connect adds query parameters to the URLs of app iframes in order to provide apps with contextual information. The parameters include user_id, user_key, loc and tz which provide personally identifiable information and will therefore be removed.AC-2417
App IframesApps can define URLs with context parameters "" and "profileUser.key". Support for these context parameters will be removed and support for a new context parameter corresponding to the Atlassian Account ID will be added.AC-2413
App IframesAtlassian Connect creates app iframes with a name parameter containing some personally identifiable information (PII). This PII is not part of our supported API and will be removed from the iframe name parameter.AC-2431
App lifecycleAtlassian Connect adds the "user_key" query parameter to the URLs of the installed and uninstalled lifecycle callbacks. This field is not part of our supported API and will be removed.AC-2442
WebhooksAtlassian Connect adds the "user_key" and "user_id" query parameter to webhook URLs. These fields are not part of our supported API and will be removed.AC-2433
REST APIJira provides a REST resource "/addons/{addonKey}" which returns tenant license contact information. The details of each contact include their name and email address. If feasible, these existing fields will be removed and a new field containing the Atlassian Account ID will be added. If this is not feasible, the semantics of the existing fields will change such that they may be omitted or set to empty values such as to support the right to be forgotten.AC-2414
Javascript APIThe Javascript API provided to app iframes includes an API to get details about the current user: AP.user.getUser(). The details provided include the user's ID, key and full name. The AP.user.getUser() will be deprecated and a new method, AP.user.getCurrentUser() will be created which will return the Atlassian Account ID of the logged in user.ACJS-935