Last updated Jul 31, 2023

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Change notice - removal of comments from issue webhooks in Jira Cloud

Following the deprecation notice, comment data will be removed from issue webhooks starting from the 22nd of January 2018.

The following webhooks will no longer contain any comment objects in their payload:

  • jira:issue_created
  • jira:issue_deleted
  • jira:issue_updated

Note that, as a consequence, jira:issue_updated webhook will no longer be fired for comment-related events.

This change will be rolled out gradually, starting from 22 January 2018 and it may take up to two weeks until it reaches all Jira Cloud instances.

What will happen if I do nothing?

If your app expects that comment objects are present in any of jira:issue_* webhooks, you are likely to encounter unexpected behaviour. Also, your app will stop receiving jira:issue_updated events when a comment is added, updated or removed from an issue.


Since the deprecation notice published in October 2016, we recommended to use the comment_created, comment_deleted and comment_updated webhooks as a replacement.

Comment webhooks have been recently enhanced with:

We believe that with these improvements, comment_* webhooks successfully cover the majority of cases when apps relied on comment data in the jira:issue_* webhooks, and we highly recommend that you switch your apps to rely on comment_* webhooks before this change takes in effect.

If you found a bug, want to raise a feature request, or report an app security incident with Jira Cloud APIs or webhooks please open an issue over at the Atlassian Ecosystem Developer Service Desk.

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