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Last updatedDec 17, 2020

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Deprecation notice: Updating project types using the REST API

The six-month deprecation period for these changes began on 03 June 2019.

Support for these APIs will be removed on 03 December 2019.

We are deprecating the ability to change project type in Jira Cloud via REST APIs.

What are project types?

As part of the introduction of Jira Cloud products, the concept of project type was introduced. Each product (Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, or Jira Software) delivers a tailored experience to its users, and has an associated project type that in turn offers product-specific features.

Read more about these project types.

What changed and why?

We are no longer supporting the ability to change project type from both Jira Cloud UI and Jira Cloud REST APIs. This change is happening because switching between the project types left customers with an unusable project, hence a bad experience.

Here are the changes that have happened:

Jira Cloud UI

  • If you have a Jira Classic project, you could have changed the project type from Project settings. This is now disabled.

Jira Cloud REST API

What are the alternatives?

To change project type, create a new project and bulk move your issues into it. Read our step-by-step instructions.

Need help

If you need help with this change, ask in the Jira Cloud development forum in the Developer Community.

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