Last updated Jul 27, 2023

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Deprecation notice - removal of project tab panels, profile tab panels, and project admin summary panels

Deprecation notice date: 10 October 2017

As we roll out the new Jira Cloud experience, several locations for providing content in the Jira Cloud user interface have evolved and been replaced with new APIs.

Project tab panel and profile tab panels

The jiraProjectTabPanels and jiraProfileTabPanels modules have been replaced with more modern alternatives.


The initial location for jiraProjectTabPanels was phased out of Jira Cloud in March 2015. We recommend that apps implement web items and web panels in the Jira project sidebar instead.

We will remove support for jiraProfileTabPanels in Jira Cloud soon. If your app has user-specific content, we recommend you create a general page and a link to this page from the user profile menu.

Project admin summary panels

We will remove the project admin summary page from Jira Cloud soon. Locations that were previously available on this page included:

  • webpanels.admin.summary.left-panels
  • webpanels.admin.summary.right-panels


No replacement will be provided.

Report feature requests and bugs for Jira Cloud and webhooks in the ACJIRA project on

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