Last updatedMay 1, 2020

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Deprecation notice - removal of worklog object data in jira:issue_* webhooks and jira:worklog_updated webhook

In October 2016, we announced upcoming changes to how worklog data is sent in webhooks. The following webhooks will no longer contain any worklog objects in their body:

  • jira:issue_created
  • jira:issue_deleted
  • jira:issue_updated


  • The jira:worklog_updated webhook will no longer be sent.

These features will be removed in the future, at least six months after this notice was published, as described in the Atlassian REST API Policy. Please watch ACJIRA-1226 for detailed updates on the status of this change.

What will happen if I do nothing?

If your app uses the worklog object data from any registered jira:issue_* webhooks, you may encounter complications from the absence of this object after its removal.

Also, if you have registered to receive events from the jira:worklog_updated event after the removal date, your app will no longer receive them.


These features have been replaced with the worklog_created, worklog_deleted and worklog_updated webhooks. These webhooks are available today.

Report feature requests and bugs for Jira Cloud and webhooks at in the ACJIRA project project.

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