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Compass scopes for OAuth 2.0 (3LO) and Forge apps

The following table lists all the scopes used by the Compass GraphQL API. Some fields require specific OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants (3LO) to be present in the request. You can find out what fields require that scopes via the field descriptions, which are visible in the GraphQL explorer.

read:component:compassRead Compass components.
write:component:compassCreate, update, and delete Compass components.
read:event:compassRead Compass event data.
write:event:compassCreate and delete Compass event data.
read:metric:compassRead Compass metric data.
write:metric:compassCreate and delete Compass metric data.
read:scorecard:compassRead Compass scorecards.
write:scorecard:compassCreate, update, and delete Compass scorecards.

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