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This hook retrieves the configuration values for a macro. Note that the configuration data is loaded asynchronously, so its output will be undefined while it is still loading.

Use configuration to store general data, but not sensitive information. The configuration data is stored in plaintext, so other users and apps can access and modify the values.


To add the useConfig hook to your app:

import { useConfig } from "@forge/react";

Here is an example of accessing configuration for a Forge macro. Note that you'll need to add configuration to the Confluence macro module in order to configure the displayed values.

The app display on a Confluence page

import React from 'react';
import ForgeReconciler, { Heading, Text, TextField, useConfig } from '@forge/react';

const defaultConfig = { name: 'Unnamed Pet', age: '0' };

const App = () => {
  const config = useConfig() || defaultConfig;
  // Displaying a pet's name and age using the configuration values.
  return (
      <Heading>Content with configured values</Heading>
      <Text>"{config.name}" is "{config.age}" years old.</Text>

// Function that defines the configuration UI for the pet's name and age
const Config = () => {
  return (
      <TextField name="name" label="Pet name" defaultValue={defaultConfig.name} />
      <TextField name="age" label="Pet age" defaultValue={defaultConfig.age} />

    <App />

// Adding the Config function to the ForgeReconciler to allow for configuration changes
ForgeReconciler.addConfig(<Config />);

Function Signature

interface ExtensionConfiguration {
  [key: string]: any;

function useConfig(): ExtensionConfiguration | undefined;




  • ExtensionConfiguration: If the macro has been configured, this hook returns a dictionary containing the configuration key-value pairs. The keys are the name props given to the child components of the MacroConfig component. If the macro has not yet been configured, this hook returns undefined.

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