Last updated Apr 3, 2024

Bitbucket Data Center Plugin Tutorials

This page contains a selection of tutorials for implementing selected plugin points from Bitbucket Data Center.

Controlling when pull requests can be merged

This tutorial will take you through the steps required to write a plugin containing a merge request check which is designed to prevent pull requests from being merged unless the user performing the merge is an administrator for the target repository.

After completing this tutorial you will have learned to do the following:

  • Generate a Bitbucket Data Center plugin using Atlassian SDK
  • Implement a repository merge check in Java
  • Declare a repository merge check in your plugin's atlassian-plugin.xml
  • Use various Bitbucket Data Center services and the repository merge check API
  • Internationalize the messages your plugin emits

Check out the "Controlling when pull requests can be merged" tutorial.

Decorating the user profile and account pages

Adding custom content to the public user profile, or a user's account management pages is easy! Follow the following tutorials:

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