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The SiteMesh decoration module is available in JIRA 6.0 and later.

Purpose of this Module Type

The SiteMesh decoration module allows add-ons to decorate URLs that by default will not be decorated by JIRA.  This is typically the case when you have your own pretty URLs in place.   For more information, please see Guide - Using pretty URLs in a JIRA plugin.


The root element for the URL routing  plugin module is sitemesh. It allows the following attributes and child elements for configuration:





The top level URL path that will be matched for decoration. This will cause all text/html responses on that path to be SiteMesh decorated. 

Required: yes

Default: N/A


The unique identifier of the routing module.

Required: yes

Default: N/A

SiteMesh decoration example

This is a sitemesh entry that will decorate every text/html response within the top level path /pluginpath

<sitemesh key="unique-key-for-module-type" path="/pluginpath"/>

Some paths in JIRA will automatically have SiteMesh decoration in place.  For the full list and more examples see Guide - Using pretty URLs in a JIRA plugin

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