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We release new versions of our Jira Data Center products frequently. As a Jira developer, it's important that you're aware of the changes. The following resources will help you keep track of what's happening.

Atlassian Developer Community

Major changes that affect Jira Data Center developers are posted in the Atlassian Developer Community, like announcing EAP releases, adding new Jira modules, or the deprecation of API endpoints. You'll also find handy tips and articles related to Jira development.

Check out our Atlassian Developer Community

Early Access Program

An Early Access Program (EAP) release is a public development release leading up to the official release of a Jira version. Development releases are a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on allowing Jira users to see the new features in advance and provide us with some useful feedback. EAP releases can include changes like:

  • Changes to our APIs
  • Database changes
  • Changes to Jira bundled apps and libraries
  • Changes in our supported platforms

Download the latest Jira EAP release

EAP releases include more mature Beta Release and Release Candidate (RC) but they generally don't introduce new changes. Instead, they provide bug fixes and tweaks to features introduced in earlier EAP releases.

Latest EAP

The EAP releases give you an opportunity to test and fix your apps in advance of an official release. Refer to the following table to prepare for the latest Jira version.

Starting from 9.13 and 5.13, new Jira releases support only Data Center licenses. If you try to upgrade to the Data Center-only release with your Server license, Jira will fail to start, and you'll need to downgrade to the version you were on before the upgrade or provide a valid Data Center license.

If you're using Atlassian Maven Plugin Suite (AMPS) to build your apps, remember to update its test data with a valid Data Center license to keep your apps compatible with Jira.

Jira Software 10.0/Jira Service Management 6.0

Prepare for Jira Software 10.0 and Jira Service Management 6.0.

Jira Software 9.x/Jira Service Management 5.x

We've moved release announcements for the Jira 9.x Data Center platform from the Atlassian Developer Community to the Jira Data Center changelog.

Check the changelog

Earlier EAP releases

Check out our earlier EAP releases for the supported Jira versions.

Jira platform version 9.x
Jira Software 9.15Mar 21, 2024Changelog
Jira Service Management 5.15
Jira Software 9.14Jan 31, 2024Changelog
Jira Service Management 5.14
Jira Software 9.13Nov 30, 2023Changelog
Jira Service Management 5.13
Jira Core/Software 9.12Oct 26, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.12
Jira Service Management 5.12
Jira Core/Software 9.11Aug 29, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.11
Jira Service Management 5.11
Jira Core/Software 9.10Jul 07, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.10
Jira Service Management 5.10
Jira Core/Software 9.9May 30, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.9
Jira Service Management 5.9
Jira Core/Software 9.8April 15, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.8
Jira Service Management 5.8
Jira Core/Software 9.7Mar 08, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.7
Jira Service Management 5.7
Jira Core/Software 9.6Jan 17, 2023Preparing for Jira 9.6
Jira Service Management 5.6
Jira Core/Software 9.5Dec 02, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.5
Jira Service Management 5.5
Jira Core/Software 9.4Oct 26, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.4
Jira Service Management 5.4
Jira Core/Software 9.3Sep 15, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.3
Jira Service Management 5.3
Jira Core/Software 9.2Aug 18, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.2
Jira Service Management 5.2
Jira Core/Software 9.1Jul 08, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.1
Jira Service Management 5.1
Jira Core/Software 9.0Jun 15, 2022Preparing for Jira 9.0
Jira Service Management 5.0

Jira platform version 8.x
ApplicationDatePreparing for guide
Jira Core/Software 8.22Feb 14, 2022Preparing for Jira 8.22
Jira Service Management 4.22
Jira Core/Software 8.21Dec 7, 2021Preparing for Jira 8.21
Jira Service Management 4.21
Jira Core/Software 8.20Oct 15, 2021Preparing for Jira 8.20
Jira Service Management 4.20

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