Last updated Jun 4, 2024

Getting started

Welcome to the Jira developer community! This page will help you get started developing for Jira Data Center.

This documentation refers to Jira Data Center only. Are you looking for more information about the cloud products? Check out Atlassian cloud developer documentation

Developing apps for Jira Data Center

With Jira's app system, you can build apps that customize and extend Jira. An app (formerly known as a plugin or add-on) is a bundle of code, resources, and a particular configuration file that you can install on your Jira instance to add new functions or modify existing features.

There are two main types of apps:

To get familiar with Jira, check out the Learning section in the sidebar. Our tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions with examples, and guides will provide in-depth information on specific topics. You'll also learn about the major components of Jira (such as projects or issues). Check out our Jira tutorials and guides

Get hands-on with the Atlassian Plugin SDK

Jira Plugins2 is a bundle of code, resources, and configuration files that you can install in your Jira instance. With the Plugins2 apps, you can add content or features, make secure requests to Jira's APIs, and listen and respond to the webhooks. If you're new to building Plugins2 apps, try our Atlassian Plugin SDK tutorial. It'll help you set up the SDK and create a Jira app module. You can also import your app into an IDE project.

Learn how to build an app with the Atlassian Plugin SDK tutorial

Check out the Jira APIs

Jira has REST APIs and Java APis that you can use to interact with Jira. For example, you may want to integrate your existing application with Jira or write a script to get information from Jira. For more information, check out our reference documentation:

Learn about the Jira architecture

Our architecture documentation will help you understand Jira fundamentals and get a high-level perspective of Jira's dependencies. It covers such topics as webhooks, web panels, web fragments, authentication, and templates.

Learn more about Jira architecture

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