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About Jira modules

Jira modules allow add-ons to extend the functionality of the Jira platform or a Jira application. Jira modules are commonly used to extend the user interface by adding links, panels, etc. However, some Jira modules can also be used to extend other parts of Jira, like permissions and workflows. Jira Service Management and Jira Software also have their own application-specific modules (UI-related only).

Using Jira modules

You can use a Jira module by declaring it in your add-on descriptor, with the appropriate properties. For example, the following code uses a web section and web item to add a 'myItem' menu to the Jira header.

<web-section name="mySection" i18n-name-key="my-section.name" key="my-section" location="my-item-link"
    <description key="my-section.description">The mySection Plugin</description>
<web-item name="myItem" i18n-name-key="my-item.name" key="my-item" section="system.top.navigation.bar"
    <description key="my-item.description">The myItem Plugin</description>
    <label key="my-item.label"></label>

Basic modules

There are three kinds of basic module:

  • web item module defines an individual link that is displayed at a particular location or section of the Jira user interface. A web item might define an individual item within a Jira drop-down menu or a button on the issue operations bar.
  • web section module defines a collection of links that is displayed together at a particular location of the Jira user interface. A web section might define a group of items within a Jira drop-down menu (separated by lines) or a group of buttons on the issue operations bar.
  • web panel module defines a section of HTML content displayed on a Jira page.

You can also insert custom web fragments into existing ones in Jira (e.g. web sections which are 'built in' to Jira). However, you cannot redefine Jira's existing web fragments. We recommend downloading the Jira source (valid Jira license required), so you can access the appropriate source files that define Jira's existing web fragments. This will help you:

  • Alter the positions of your own web fragments
  • Help you ensure key values in your own <web-items> and <web-sections> remain unique.

Basic modules can be used in the following locations in the Jira UI:

Advanced modules

Advanced modules have pre-defined locations in Jira (e.g. Project tab panel module) or are used for a feature that is not related to the UI (e.g. Index document configuration module). These modules are also declared in your add-on descriptor, however you do not need to define a location for them.

In the list of modules below, any module which is not a basic module is an advanced module.

List of modules

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