Issue Tab Panel Plugin Module


JIRA 3.0 and later


JIRA 5.0 — added the <supports-ajax-load> configuration element.

JIRA 5.0 — added the IssueTabPanel2 API

The Issue Tab Panel plugin module allows you to add new tab panels to the View Issue screen.

You can add a new tab with a plugin, displaying information about a single issue (most likely pulled from an external source). This is how the Subversion and Perforce integration works.

Here is an example descriptor (from the Subversion plugin - source available):

<issue-tabpanel key="subversion-commits-tabpanel" name="Subversion Changes Tab Panel"
    <resource type="i18n" name="i18n"
        <description>Show Subversion commits related to an issue in an issue tab panel.</description>
        <label>Subversion Commits</label>
    <resource type="velocity" name="view" location="templates/plugins/subversion/issuetabpanels/subversion-commits-view.vm"/>

The module class specified in the class="..." attribute must implement the IssueTabPanel interface.

Supporting AJAX

JIRA 5.0 and later versions

Plugins can specify that their tabs can be loaded in an AJAX request, which is supported in JIRA 5.0 and later. Here is an example XML snippet that enables AJAX loading of an issue tab.

<issue-tabpanel key="example-tabpanel" name="A tab panel"

    <!-- enable fast tab switch -->

See Loading Issue Tab Panels with AJAX for more details.

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