Getting started with Plugins2

If you haven't developed for JIRA before, we recommend that you start with our Getting started guide instead, which will help you get started by building a Connect add-on for JIRA. However, if you need to build an add-on for JIRA server, then this page will help you learn about the Plugins 2 framework which is used to build add-ons for JIRA server.

Note, if you just want to integrate your existing application with JIRA remotely, head straight to the JIRA REST API docs.

Developing add-ons for JIRA Server

Get hands-on with the Atlassian Plugin SDK

Never built a Plugins2 add-on before? Try our Atlassian Plugin SDK tutorial. This will help you set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK and lead you through the creation of a JIRA plugin module. You can also bring your plugin into an Eclipse IDE project, if you choose.

  1. Get the SDK:

      Get the SDK here...
  2. Start the tutorialAtlassian Plugin SDK tutorial (SDK documentation)
Try a few JIRA tutorials

A great way to get acquainted with the JIRA platform is to try a few of our hands-on tutorials. The JIRA platform section has quick reference pages for the major components of JIRA (e.g. projects, issues, etc), On each page, you'll find links to step-by-step tutorials. The beginner tutorials, like this one, are a good place to start.

Learn moreJIRA Platform

Learn about the JIRA architecture

If you're ready to learn more about the nuts and bolts of JIRA development, check out the JIRA architecture section. You'll find articles on topics like JIRA's dependencies, webhooks, web panels, plugin modules, and more.

Learn moreJIRA architecture

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