Preparing for JIRA 7.5

This page covers changes in JIRA 7.5 that can affect add-on compatibility and functionality. This includes changes to the JIRA platform and the JIRA applications (JIRA Core, JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk).

As a rule, Atlassian makes every effort to inform add-on developers of known API changes as far in advance as possible. Where possible, we attach release targets. Unless otherwise indicated, every change on this page is expected to be released with the first public release of the JIRA Server 7.5 products. We also make release milestones available prior to the release:

  • For JIRA Server, the JIRA development team releases a number of EAP milestones prior to the final release, for customers and developers to keep abreast of upcoming changes. For more information on these releases, see JIRA EAP Releases.
  • For JIRA Cloud, the JIRA team releases updates to the JIRA Cloud products on a weekly basis. Add-ons that integrate with the JIRA Cloud products via Atlassian Connect should use the JIRA REST API, which is subject to the Atlassian REST API Policy.

We will update this page as development progresses, so please stay tuned for more updates. We also recommend following the JIRA news on Atlassian Developers blog for important announcements and helpful articles.

On this page:


The risk level indicates the level of certainty we have that things will break if you are in the "Affected" column and you don't make the necessary changes.

Change Platform/Application Risk level Affects
Epics and versions panel in the Kanban backlog JIRA Software LOW

Mostly users.

All versions and epics will now be displayed in the epics and versions panels in the Kanban backlog. They're enabled by default for each board that enables (or has already enabled) the Kanban backlog.

The epics panel also changes how epics are displayed on the board – no longer as cards (like all other issues), but as filters in the epics panel. You can disable the epics panel in Board settings > Columns, but the versions panel will always be in the backlog.

Events for creating and deleting issue links JIRA LOW

New events for creating and deleting issue links that might be used by plugin developers, or by users as webhooks in JIRA.

JIRA platform changes

All changes in JIRA platform are also relevant for JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk.

New events for creating and deleting issue links that might be used by plugin developers, or by users as webhooks in JIRA. The new events are IssueLinkCreatedEvent and IssueLinkDeletedEvent.

When creating webhooks, you can use the following events. The string in parentheses is the name of the webhookEvent in the response.

  • create (issuelink_created)
  • deleted (issuelink_deleted)

For more info about creating webhooks in JIRA, see Webhooks.

JIRA will fix corrupted indexes by itself

We've made this change already in 7.4.2, but we just wanted to make sure you know about it. JIRA now has an automatic recovery of corrupted indexes, which saves you a lot of manual work. However, the broken documents will be deleted from the indexes, and this might result in e.g. JQL not being able to find some issues. You can recognize that your indexes were being fixed by searching the atlassian-jira.log file for a line like this one:

2017-07-18 23:51:49,990 JIRA-Bootstrap ERROR      [c.a.jira.index.LuceneCorruptionChecker] Index '/jirahome/caches/indexes/issues' is broken: 2 bad segments.
    Performing healing the index. 2 documents will be lost

All deleted documents can be recreated by running a reindex in JIRA. For more details, see Lucene index corruption

JIRA Core changes

No specific JIRA Core application changes.

JIRA Software changes

Epics and versions panels in the Kanban backlog

With JIRA 7.5, we're introducing two new panels in the Kanban backlog – versions and epics. They'll be enabled by default if you have previously enabled the Kanban backlog. The panels will help you refine your backlog, group your issues, and easily manage them by using versions and epics as filters. Because of this change, epics will no longer be displayed as cards on the board (like all other issues), but will be moved to the panel instead. If you don't like this change, you can disable the epics panel in Boards settings > Columns

For more info about this change, see JIRA Software 7.5 EAP release notes.

JIRA Service Desk changes

No specific JIRA Service Desk application changes.

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